Truckers' Injury Prevention System (TIPS)

the greatest concern


One of the greatest concerns for trucking companies is safety - both on and off the road. Safety is everyone’s responsibility, but achieving results requires senior management support and employee engagement.

For that reason, Great West Casualty Company created TIPS. TIPS is a tactical manual for safety personnel who are tasked with leading a motor carrier’s injury prevention initiatives.

From approaching senior management to demonstrating the return on investment (ROI) for a safety initiative, to conversing at the water cooler with employees to keep safety on their mind, a motor carrier’s safety personnel have a difficult task driving change in the organization.

To support these efforts, TIPS was designed solely for our workers compensation insureds to help prevent workplace injuries, and they are encouraged to tailor the resources inside TIPS to best fit their operations.

The TIPS manual is composed of eight chapters that work together as an integrated injury prevention system. Like cogs in a machine, each chapter is key to the system’s success. A breakdown in any of these areas can cause a systemic failure resulting in a possible injury, illness, or other kind of loss.

The eight chapters are divided into two categories: pre-injury loss prevention and post-injury loss mitigation.



The first five chapters in TIPS focus on pre-injury loss-prevention techniques. These chapters are proactive in nature and are centered on preventing losses before they occur. Topics include organizational leadership, talent management, health and wellness, hazard control, and training and certifications.


The final three chapters in TIPS focus on post-injury loss-mitigation techniques. These chapters are reactive in nature and are centered on reducing the severity of losses after an incident has occurred. The topics include emergency response, incident investigations, and returning to work.

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