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As a premier provider of trucking insurance, Great West understands the unique needs of its insureds, who spend much of their time on the road. The new Great West Mobile app is designed to give on-the-go access to information for drivers and trucking operations managers.

The app allows users to manage administrative duties while on the road, such as printing ID cards, filing and viewing claims information, accessing safety resources, and reviewing driver and equipment details. Here are more details on specific app functionality. 

View Policy Information

Whether you have a single policy or multiple policies with Great West, they are easily accessible in the app. Find coverages, limits, and deductibles for each policy you have. Additionally, check equipment and driver details with just a few clicks. 


View Claims

The Great West Mobile app allows each user to track insurance claims with just a few clicks on their smartphone. Whether it's a minor incident or a major accident, the app makes it easy to keep up to date on claims and claim details. 

Print ID Cards

The app provides a hassle-free solution allowing you to access and print your ID card directly from your mobile devices. This feature ensures that drivers always have the necessary documentation readily available, saving time and reducing the risk of non-compliance.

Issue Certificates

If you need a certificate of insurance, requests are easily handled through the app. 

Pay Your Bill

Managing your bill is made easy through our mobile app. Once you log in, you can securely view and pay your bills using the app, eliminating the need for mailing checks. With various payment options available, including credit cards and electronic transfers, the Great West Mobile app offers flexibility and convenience.

Additional Features

The Great West Mobile app offers a range of additional features to enhance the insurance experience. You can access policy documents, review coverage details, and contact our support team directly through the app. These features empower you as a driver with a user-friendly toolset to manage your insurance needs efficiently.

Agent contact information

Find ready access to your Great West Casualty Company agent, as well as quick acccess to our  Service Center if you need assistance or have questions about the Great West Mobile app. 




As a free download from app stores, our mobile app is a valuable companion for any truck driver, safety manager, or fleet operations manager seeking convenience, efficiency, and peace of mind either in the yard or on the road. 

Download the app today in the iPhone App Store and Google App stores and access it with your portal login information.

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