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Great West will offer real-time insights to  monitor risks for the purposes of training, correcting behavior, and helping to prevent accidents.

OUR OFFER to motor carriers

RECEIVE A SUBSIDY: Great West is offering a subsidy in exchange for driving data. Motor carriers can receive $300 per year per truck that shares data. The shared data will not affect your policy or pricing at this time. 

AGENT COACHING: A portal to view your data is coming soon. In the future, you'll also be able to work with your agent to review your driving habits and make improvements.

about the data

What Will Motor Carriers Have Access to? 

Fleet Level Information

• Geographic risk information per GWCC analytics

• Harsh events risk information per GWCC analytics

• Speed risk information per GWCC analytics

Truck Level Information

• Rank order of assets by risk index

• View trucks ‘scores’ over time

• See which trucks are connected to GWCC and which are not

Connectivity Management

• Add new ELDs and/or camera providers

• Connect Independent Contractor driver ELDs

Telematics Partners
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By joining the program, you agree that Great West will obtain device data for research and data analytics purposes for future product development. Data obtained by Great West through the program will not affect policies or pricing at this time. 

questions about INSIGHT DRIVEN

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my company eligible for the program?
Motor carriers - with two exceptions - of any size with a new or existing insurance policy through Great West are eligible to enroll in the program. The exceptions are owner-operator fleets and customers self-handling claims; neither of these carriers is eligible.
How do I enroll and share my company's driving data?
Contact your agent to enroll and start the process. Your agent will share a link with you via email to grant Great West permission to receive the data from your ELD and/or select camera providers. 
How long does it take to enroll?
Enrolling in the program is a quick process. It takes only minutes to get set up and grant permission to share your data.
Is there a maximum number of trucks one company can enroll? Does my company have to enroll all of its trucks to be eligible for the subsidy?
Currently there is no maximum number of trucks one company can enroll in lnsightDriven. All of your company's trucks must be sharing data to be eligible to receive the subsidy. 
Can I opt out of the subsidy program if I change my mind and no longer want to share data?
You are welcome to opt out of the program and stop sharing your data at any time. Contact your agent to start this process. 
Can I view my driving data that is collected?
A portal to view your data is coming soon. In the future, you will also be able to work with your agent to review your driving habits and make improvements. 
What will Great West do with my data?
Great West will de-identify your data and use it to develop future telematics insurance products.
Will this program work with my ELD and/or camera provider provider?
Insight Driven works with 35+ ELD and camera providers including most major providers in commercial trucking. The set-up process takes only a couple minutes, and we can help you through the process if needed.
Will enrolling affect my policy or premium?
At this time, enrolling in lnsightDriven will not affect your policy or your premium. 
How long is the program available?
The program is available until 2026. At that time, a new telematics program will be introduced. 

This material is a broad overview only, provided for informational purposes. Great West Casualty Company (GWCC) does not provide legal or employment-related advice to anyone, and this is not intended to serve as such advice. Such advice should be sought from your legal counsel. GWCC shall have no responsibility or liability to any person or entity for any issue alleged to directly or indirectly result from the use of this information.